Wednesday, 25 January 2012


BPO employee suicide in Bangalore. A software firm employee. She has 32 years old. The software firm concerned the judicial custody for purportedly assist the suicide of his fiancée.
Her husband name is Allan sandeep, He was arrested, He had allegedly demanded dowry from his wife Savitha Venkatappa (25) ,  So she was attempt suicide on Jan 19th.
The Police said, Savitha Hanging Over her house in Ganganageer at last week, This news goes to her parents, They felt and complaint a criminal cast against Sandeep.
Her family assumed, she was unhappy after her encagement with sandeep did not appear in marriage.

Police says a proper digital evidance such as mobile phones call, SMS, Emails, and Chating details and also find the financial transaction details between savitha and sandeep.


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