Friday, 17 February 2012

A Movie of PrakashRaj about current Education Systems(DONI)

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Actor Prakashraj is one of the greatest man to produce good films to tamil cinema.Some of the Examples are Mozhi,Alagiya theeye,Payanam,Abium nanum etc........The Latest film is DONI.In this film he is trying to affects the students community.

To put it briefly, the script is all about a basic conflict between a middle-class father’s ambition about his son’s career and his son’s wishes and dreams about what he wants to become.  Subbu alias Venkata Subramaniam (Prakashraj) is a typical middle-class government employee, who has a daughter and son Karthik (Akash Jagannath).  After the death of his wife, Subbu doubles up as the children’s mother and tries his best to provide them with quality education.
Subbu done additional jobs in the evening to earn more money for their childrens education.
But Akash is not interested in studies.Akash school principle said that your son will sit in the same class for the next year.
After hearing this angried subbu slaps his son and he slips into coma.It is the time that subbu realize the interest of his son.He also recognize the fact that the current education systems makes the children as book warms.It is one of the lession to the parents to find out and respect childrens wish.All the actors in the film are acting good.And one of the special thing is no unwanted songs are there.

Prakashraj attempts to give a quality film.Every parents should see this film in theater for their childrens sake.


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