Monday, 12 March 2012

8 year old boy smokes 2 packets of cigarettes per day

The boy named as ilham living in west java provincial district in sukabumi, started to smoke from his 4 years old itself.His smoking habit grows day by day and now he can smoke 2 packets of cigerettes per day. The boy doesn't want to go to school anymore and the wholeday he spent by smoking and playing.
If his father was not given the cigarette to him means, he started to smash glass windows or anything.
His father is a taxi driver named as Umar.He said this information to antara news agency.

The Indonesian government has increased taxes but prices remains low by international standards.
The country's child protection commision said that, this is one of the evidence showing that the indonesian government has been defeated by tobacco industry.

The increasing number of smokers shows that the industrys marketting target the youngstres.The government gets the tax of $7 billion from the industry per year.Thousands of employees working under this industry.
In another case a 2 year old baby smokes 40 cigarettes per day,managed to kick the habit after he received intensive care specialist in 2010.

According to the World Health Organization(WHO),the number of smokers increasing 6 percent for the past 40 years.Smoking kills atleast 400000 people in indonesia and 25000 die from passive smoking.


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