Friday, 9 March 2012

U.S. flights hit by lightning

Passengers on board four aircraft had a narrow escape as their planes were struck by lightning in Houston airspace.

According to the Houston Airport System officials, lightning hit United flight 1001 from Houston to Bogota yesterday afternoon.

Airline officials said 124 people were on board.

The plane was sent back to Houston and landed safely.

A United Express flight from Houston to Mobile, Alabama was also struck by lightning in the air. The plane, which had 47 people on board, returned to Houston and landed safely.

There was smoke in the cabin on both flights after being struck by lightning, the Houston Fire Department said.

The third plane was Delta 1832, an MD-80 plane from Atlanta.

The pilot reported he was struck while approaching Houston but landed safely at Hobby airport. No injuries were reported.

The FAA also said AirTran flight 297, a Boeing 717, on its way to Hobby Airport from Atlanta, was also struck by lightning but landed safely.


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