Friday, 20 April 2012

Plane Crashed in Pakistan - 127 killed

Airplane Crash

20/4/2012, a passenger airplane carrying 127 people flying to the capital from Pakistan’s biggest city and business hub Karachi.Airplane crashed just before landing ie) about 9 km from the international airport.The reason for plane crash is poor weather,said by pakistan officials and no more people is alive in the crash.

The crash happened near to the Chaklala airbase, which is close to the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad.Minimum of 110 bodies have been recovered from the spot and more than a 150 bags filled with body parts have been shifted to hospitals across the region.

The relatives who were waiting  for the passengers in the airport, hugged each other and sobbed.

The last major Airplane Crash in Pakistan was in July 2010 killed 152 people, when a commercial airliner operated by AirBlue and crashed into the hills overlooking Islamabad .In 2006, a Pakistan International Airlines aircraft crashed near the central city of Multan, killing 45 people.

Images of Crashed Airplane

Airplane crashed

2012 Pakistan Aircrash

Airplane crashed in pakistan

2012 Airplane crash in pakistan

Airplane crashed in pakistan 2012

Airplane Crashed just before landing

Pakistani rescue workers remove the covered Bodies

Pakistani rescue workers Remove dead bodies

Pakistani villagers survey debris from the crash

Two men hug each other after learning of the crash

Pakistan Airplane Crash

Two women hug each other at Karachi Airport


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