Wednesday, 11 April 2012

World will end on 2012 proven by scientists - watch video

For the last 10 years there have been numerous deadly earthquakes happened and killed nearly 30.000 people.In 2004 the Earthquake, which caused Tsunami killed approximately 230.000 people.In 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, which killed approximately 82.000 people.In 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, which destroyed that whole region and killed over 80.000 people; The Earthquake in Haiti,killed 230.000 lives.For the past months several strong quakes have struck the Indonesian region.The Recent Earthquake in Indonesia hit with 8.9 magnitude and causes Tsunami.

Jupiter Loses Stripe (2010)

Pluto Turning Red (2010)

The world has also been experiencing destructive weather patterns, such as Hurricane Katrina and the 2008 Myanmar Cyclone which killed 140.000 people! There was severe cold snaps this winter all over the world with snowfall in California and Florida, and all over the United States and many casualties in Europe. The weather worldwide has been growing increasingly weird, with super storms raging all over the Earth, causing huge hailstones as big as baseballs to fall down damaging homes and cars and huge flash floods turning streets into rivers in Melbourne, Australia. And the flooding that took place in Rio de Janeiro, “and I can assure you”, a witness says, “that it looked like the biblical Flood, it means, the rain didn't stop.”

This is how Earth's Magnetic Field normally looks like on calm days.

The magnetic field one day before the Chile earthquake (2010)

For the past year in many parts of the world,there was a food shortage. A recent report show that there might be a looming food crisis on the horizon, with many crops and farmlands completely wiped out due to severe flooding and droughts all over the world. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Chad, Niger, Pakistan, and Myanmar have all set new records for their hottest temperatures of all time over the past six weeks. The remarkable heat continued over Africa and Asia late this week. The Asian portion of Russia recorded its highest temperate in history yesterday, when the mercury hit 42.3°C (108.1°F) at Belogorsk, near the Amur River border with China. The previous record was 41.7°C (107.1°F) at nearby Aksha on July 21, 2004. 

The magnetic field one day before Sumatra earthquake (2004)

The point is that life on Earth from here on for us weak human beings will become much more hard and apocalyptic in nature.

 Evidence suggests that most of the known planets in our solar system are undergoing global warming, in fact “the polar icecaps of Mars are melting and receding at several miles a year, much faster than ours and that the moons of Saturn and Jupiter are melting, and that Jupiter is developing a second giant red spot, an enormous hurricane-like storm which is thought to be the result of a sudden warming on our solar system's largest planet.”


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