Saturday, 19 May 2012

73 year old woman reached Mount Everest peak

Tamae Watanabe

A woman named Tamae Watanabe reached mount everest on today(19/5/2012).She is 73 years old.On may 16 2002, she already reached the highest Mount Everest peak at the age of 63 and make a record.Now she breaks her own record by again reached Mount Everest by her 73 years old.She is the oldest women reach mount everest.

She was trying to reach the peak on friday, but because of bad weather her attempt failed twice.Finally today morning she reached the mount everest peak and make a record.

A oldest man from nepal reached the top of mount everest is Min Bahadur Sherchan at his 76 years old.The mount everest is placed 29,029 feet from the sea level.

Images of oldest persons reach top of mount everest

Tamae Watanabe in mount everest

oldest woman reached mount Everest

Min Bahadur Sherchan

Mount Everest images

Mount Everest image

Mount Everest peak

Image of Mount Everest

highest peak

highest mountain


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