Thursday, 24 May 2012

Build beating heart tissue from skin cells

scientists create beating heart tissue from skin cells

Israel scientists found that, the normal skin cells taken from the very sick person can act as a normal beating heart tissue.It is possible by doing some reprogramms on the skin cells. This research was carried out by the scientists for the past few years.Finally they succeed with this research and make the heart patients happy.For the first time scientists took skin cells from animals and transform it into beating heart tissue and transplanted the new beating tissue with the existing tissues in animals heart.It works fine.So the scientists hopefully said that, in future the heart failure patients transplant their heart with their own skin cells with some modifications. The heart cells created from the skin cells from very sick patients are acting at the day that the patient was born. In future these type of heart transplant will be taken place.

Create beating heart tissue from skin cells- video


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