Monday, 14 May 2012

Young Cancer Patients Dancing Video

A video released by the Young childrens caused by Cancer, admitted in SEATILE children hospital.In that video, the young cancer patients  were dancing and singing to the 'STRONGER' song of Kelly Clarkson with their parents, nurses and doctors.

Young Childrens dancing video

Kelly Clarkson sent a video message to the children said that,it was amazing.

Video Message of  Kelly Clarkson to children in SEATILE hospital

It was the idea of 22-year-old Chris Rumble,also a patient in the hospital.He wanted something to share with his old hockey friends,so that he made this.

Dr.Hawkins said,the Children's and doctors have been surprized by the response of that video.
And also this type of activities gives hope and sprit to the children.

The doctor said it is a fight for their life. But these kind of things make the children to focus on other than illness or their time in the hospital.


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